VigRX Ingredients – The Secret Behind Its Effectiveness

Just like with all other successful natural supplements for whatever the purpose, with VigRX, it is all about the ingredients that have been utilized and combined to work together towards bringing many benefits for the male sexual performances.


When VigRX is concerned, these are all 100% natural herbal ingredients that have been studied for years and whose effects have been well-documented. They are all coming from high quality sources and they are all processed so that the benefits that these ingredients can produce are preserved perfectly in VigRX.


Probably the most important of the ingredients in VigRX is something known as horny goat weed, whose official name is Epimedium. Its leaves are processed so that an extract is obtained whose effects are simply breath-taking. For one, it is a well-known and publicized natural aphrodisiac. However, it is not its primary function in VigRX. Namely, it is far more famous these days for its active ingredient which is called icariin. This ingredient does exactly the same thing that Viagra and other pharmaceutical ED drugs do. Fortunately, it does it mildly enough so as not to pose any risks to the cardiovascular system.

Another VigRX ingredient that simply has to be mentioned is Asian red ginseng which has found its way into many natural supplements thanks to its invigorating effects, the boost in energy and the improvement in the mood. It has found its way into VigRX for a number of reasons, involving the aforementioned. However, it is also an aphrodisiac and it also has beneficial effects on the erectile function in men. In short, it is an essential part of VigRX formula.

Saw palmetto berry is yet another VigRX ingredient that has to be talked about. It does a number of things and it does them effectively. For instance, it helps reduce the size of prostate and it also balances out the hormones in the human body. It furthermore increases the physical strength and helps with the functioning of sex glands. Finally, it is a very strong sexual stimulant and it also boosts sexual desire to immense levels.